Alpena County Road Commission
Permit Fee Schedule

Information on the current fees for permits issued by the Alpena County Road Commission can be found at the following link:

Permit Fees



                                                        1400 North Bagley Street

                                                         Alpena, Michigan  49707

                                                           Phone (989) 354‑3252

                                                            FAX (989) 356‑4952

                    PERMIT FEE SCHEDULE‑‑EFFECTIVE DECEMBER 10, 2019

                                           All annual permits expire on February 1.


Residential, Field Entrance and Utility Structure:

New                                                                                                                               $ 40.00

Alteration to existing (Paving, widening, etc.)                                                             $ 30.00

Temporary (less than 6 months)                                                                                    $ 30.00


New*                                                                                                                             $200.00

Alteration to existing driveways*                                                                                 $200.00


Overhead Utility Installation ‑‑up to 500 feet                                                              $200.00

                                                                      over 500 feet                        Plus      $50.00/mile

    Underground Utility Installation‑‑up to 500 feet                                                        $200.00

                                                                           over 500 feet                             Plus      $100.00/mile

      Utility Service connection                                                                                             $150.00

     Open Cut Road Crossing                                                                                              $250.00

A $20,000 deposit must be provided, as well as the permit fee, before a permit is issued. 

     Bore Road Crossing                                                                                                      $150.00

     Broadband New per Project                                                                                         $300.00

     Wireless Facility w/o poles                                                                                            $200.00

     Wireless Facility w/Pole                                                                                                $300.00

     Wireless Colocate Annual-Existing pole                                                                       $ 20.00

     Wireless Colocate Annual-New pole                                                                            $125.00

     Wireless Colocate Annual- on Road Commission Pole                                                $ 30.00

     Annual Utility Permits (for maintenance purposes)                                                      $250.00

Applicant must:

      Secure written permission of adjacent State and Private property owners.

      Clear, grub and remove stumps from edge of roadbed to right‑of‑way line.

      Topsoil, seed and mulch all disturbed ground.

      Restore any disturbed road surface.

      Maintain traffic at all times.

      Comply with the Michigan Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices.


   Single Move and Single Mobile Home Permit                                                                $  25.00

   Multiple Trip Single Move                                                                                              $  50.00

  Super Move                                                                                                                      $100.00

   Annual Transportation Permit                                                                                         $100.00

  Mobile Home Annual Move Permit                                                                                 $100.00

   Buildings and Special Loads                                                                                           $100.00

  Seasonal Milk Transportation                                                                                          $100.00

  Seasonal Agricultural Permit                                                                                           $100.00

  Seasonal Public Utility Transportation                                                                           $100.00


Governmental  (Other than utility installations)                                                              No Charge

Banners, Parades, Christmas Decorations                                                                       No Charge

Annual Dust Control Permit                                                                                            $100.00

Tree Trimming/Removal (May be waived)                                                                      $ 20.00

Grading and Landscaping                                                                                               $ 50.00

Ditching and Ditch Cleanout                                                                                          $ 35.00

If incidental to driveway permit                                                                                   No Charge

If in Road Commission interest                                                                                    No Charge

Survey‑‑Annual Countywide                                                                                          $ 50.00

            Individual                                                                                                            $ 20.00

Miscellaneous‑‑less than 2 hours review*                                                                        $ 50.00

                          2 hours or more review*                                                                  $60.00/hour

 *Review fees may be required on various types of permit applications.  The amount will be determined by the actual review cost for the permit.


Failure to obtain a permit will result in the doubling of the original permit fee.



When a combination of activities is included in one permit, the fee shall be predicated on the fee for the single highest fee for any one of the activities.